Catwingz Design

Resume - CV
Marsha Lindsey
U.S. 1.503.349.0283

"Only the curious have,
if they live,
a tale worth telling at all."
Alistair Reed

With the return of Marsha Lindsey from Cape Town, South Africa, Catwingz Design is now back in business.

The most recent examples of work can be found on the Marsha Lindsey Design portfolio website.

I invite you to explore my blog to share in the life and times of “Catwingz in Cape Town.”The blog is content will be caught up to the end of June sometime in the near future!


  • Graphic and interactive design
  • Animation — Flash and traditional
  • CSS, XHTML and XML
  • Branding
  • Usability and user research strategies
  • Working with PHP/MySQL and Javascript
  • Video & Photography
  • Content assistance
  • Storytelling