Resume - CV
Marsha Lindsey
U.S. 1.503.349.0283

My thirst for knowledge and new skills drives me. I am currently the most recent addition to the R.O.I. Media team in Cape Town, South Africa, coming from Portland, Oregon in the US. I have a degree in Graphic Design, with an emphasis on web and animation. My training includes interactive design, coding, branding, e-marketing, usability, and the basics of programming. I live to create, especially if it means solving a problem. I also have a thirst to know how things work and am always "looking under the hood."

In the past my quest for the right career has led to experience with bookselling, illustration, crafting, construction, publishing, horticulture, landscape design and performance arts. This combination makes me unusually versatile and able to contribute on many levels. I have a print background and spent fifteen years as a buyer for Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, giving me a lot of experience with finding out from people what they really want. As a web designer, I can offer the right-brain/left-brain combination of someone who is both genuinely interested in how code works and at the same time using my listening skills to translate a client’s vision into digital format. Design is in my blood, but being a part of a creative team is the most rewarding experience I know.

I have several screenplays, with both an animated film and a documentary in the works. My interests include hiking, trapeze, yoga, fiber arts, and dancing. Since arriving in Cape Town I’ve turned to rock climbing and look forward to my first canopy walk—I love the outdoors, and hanging in the air makes me smile.